“It’s Like Putting A Safety Vest
On Your Power Poles!”

Easy to install Reflective Safety Markers

Introducing Hi-Vis HDPE Reflective Injection Molded SAFETY MARKERS.

Designed to improve safety around power and utility poles of all sizes.

Can be attached or removed in under a minute with Nylon Tie Straps, Nylon Nuts, Screws and Bolts.

Lightweight, weatherproof, sun resistant, and reflective day or night

Enhanced safety markers for temporary or permanent installation.

Our product is
designed for

Powerline Industries
Hydro Electric
Utility Industries
Oil & Gas
Access & Road Building
Pump and Compressor Stations
LNG Industry
Shipping Docks and Wharfs
Private Docks on Inland and Coastal Waterways, Rivers and Lakes
Sporting Trails
Private Drives
Auto Racing
Offshore Platforms

Each Reflective Safety Marker consists of 2 pieces:

12″ high x 16″ wide x 1/16″ thick

Increase safety
protect your property
reduce maintenance

Our Patent Pending Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Markers and Safety Edges provide Extra Visual Awareness and are designed to reduce liabilities and prevent contacts & strikes of Post’s, Piles, Power or Utility Poles.

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